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Man gets caught In YouTube vortex, dies after 98 hours

22, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. A 46-year-old man, Dhruv Sharma, died after 98 hours of viewing YouTube videos.  Authorities are saying that this is the fourth case this month where individuals began watching videos on the popular movie-streaming site only to die from lack of rest or sustenance.  The culprit, they say, is called the “YouTube Vortex.”

Sharma’s body was found in his home last week when his property manager was sent to investigate a pungent smell coming from the apartment.  After gaining entry, the manager found the body at the computer desk, along with 83 empty cans of Red Bull.

A screen like this led to his death
A screen like this led to his death

Police also confirmed that Sharma had an exclusive diet of peanut butter and fermentable fiber foods for the duration of his YouTube captivity.  The recent phenomenon, they said, was what trapped Sharma at his desk.  Forensic psychiatrists have coined the term the “YouTube Vortex” as the underlying cause for this latest string of video-streaming-related deaths.

The YouTube Vortex begins when a person, like Sharma, begins watching a YouTube video for work or research purposes.  However, as in the case of this recent death, it is possible for an individual to get caught in the YouTube tractor beam because of the ‘Related Videos’ column on the right side of the page.  Experts say once an individual begins clicking on those videos it is very difficult to stop.

A survivor of the YouTube Vortex gave a statement to researchers about what happens when an individual gets caught:

“First, you are doing research for your job, such as viewing videos on how to use a certain copy machine.  But then, the Related Searches bar will display a video of a baby kitten playing with a parakeet.  Because it is a cute video, you click on it to take a break.  Then, there is another video of a dog that can say ‘I love you,’ which is very interesting.  So, you click on that.”

The anonymous survivor continued,

“Before I knew it, I was viewing ‘epic fail’ videos of golfers getting hit by their own golf balls after it bounces off a nearby tree, and then parodies of Miley Cyrus music videos.  I simply could not escape.”

The survivor said that he only managed to escape because his roommate cut power to the apartment after knocking him unconscious with a block of wood.  The anonymous survivor awoke in his kitchen with a migraine and severe dehydration.

Authorities have issued an alert, telling YouTube viewers to avoid watching online videos while alone, as this dramatically increases the possibility of becoming trapped by the vortex.  Also, they have told YouTube users to avoid the section of YouTube that involves heartfelt videos of animals playing and especially videos that talk about how the Illuminati have covered up the existence of extraterrestrials.

To address this issue, a non-profit organization known as the YouTube Vortex Awareness Center has launched a campaign to educate YouTube users about the dangers of being caught in the YouTube Vortex.

According to their website,

“The YouTube Vortex can cause insomnia, and especially problems with work, school and family life.  However, we now know that it can cause death.  Be safe.  Don’t view YouTube while alone.”

The President of YTVAC was not available to give comment on this recent death.

[Update: The President of YTVAC was found dead at his office desk after an alleged work session that lasted 104 hours.  Authorities say that his computer displayed a YouTube video of ‘Dramatic Cat’ at the time that they found the body.]