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Man gets $100,000 after replying to the 'Congratulations You Won!' email

21, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Dhonduram, a net addict, couldn’t control his excitement and tears as he received a check of $100,000 after he replied back to the email with subject ‘Congratulations you’ve won $100,000’ from his spam folder.

Spam Mail
The goldmine

It all happened yesterday when Dhonduram was browsing casually over internet and suddenly thought to check his dmail account. He usually gets hundreds of spam emails, but he happily uses the option to clear spam and empty the folder with a click of a button.

Only today he thought to check the folder. Finding nothing special, scrolling through a few emails about medicinal advantage, few marriage proposals and few tax saving emails he randomly opened an email with subject “Congratulations you’ve won $100,000”.

The email was sent by ‘’, Dhonduram, being bored of daily routine activity, thought to do something different and replied back the email with his telephone number and address.

The next day postman arrived his home and handed him a cheque of $100000! Firstly he couldn’t believe his luck, but got his senses back when he checked the reality of the situation.

The mystery deepens as the source of the money is said to be anonymous. Even the hacking department were not able to identify from where the email was sent in the first place.

Meanwhile spam emails are getting record number of attention after this eventful incidence. People are reported to reply to each and every spam email in last 24 hours.