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A man who didn't write "awww" on a cute dog's photo, was sentenced to death

19, Dec 2016 By Tanish Ganjoo

Pedigree Nagar: In a shocking shameful incident, a man, named Sensible Sharma,  didn’t write awww on a cute dog’s photo on Facebook. He was found guilty of not being a dog lover and was sentenced to death by court of law.

The court found him guilty under section 46d of Indian Cute Code and was sentenced to be hanged. The court observed that he was a threat to the Facebook cuteness of dogs. He was also found guilty of violation of WOOF-WOOF act, 2016.

There should be two time 'awwww'. One for cute girl and another one for cute dog
There should be two time ‘awwww’. One for cute girl and another one for cute dog

He confessed to his crimes, in court without any apparent remorse. He followed it up with some non-sense arguments like, “I have rights”, “How is it a threat?” among others which were very offensive to ears. After hearing about it, “awww dog lovers association” announced a prize of 101 likes to any one who brings his culprit fingers to them. Makers of ‘Teri Meharbaniyan’ have also jumped into the bandwagon and are demanding lynching of the culprit. As soon as the news spread pan-India, a lot more criticism followed. ‘Hachiko’ and ‘Cujo’ were front-runners in hailing the court’s decision.

Sensible Sharma also confessed about not liking dogs to his fiance, Awwwantika selfie Oberoi in a WhatsApp chat. The girl rightfully took a screenshot of the conversation and uploaded on social media to shame him. She was applauded for her “courageous” act. Comments ranged from “you go, girl”  to “cheers to women power”. Bigot Singh, a friend of Awwwantika, even suggested that the man should be dog-handled instead of being manhandled. A lot of popcorn wisdom-seller content websites also thanked Awwwantika for providing fodder to their depleted “literature” pursuits. Feminist,  or more popularly known as anti-men organization also had a sort of orgasm on hearing about heroics of Awwwantika.

In the meantime, for a change, UNESCO has not declared anyone or anything “best in the world”  amid this fiasco.