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Man convinces his friend to change his political preference through facebook posts

11, Mar 2014 By atulya

In a remarkable incident last night, a BJP supporter, purely through facebook posts successfully managed to convince his friend, an AAP supporter to vote for BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Facebook Checkin
He did it.

Varun Singh, who had been a staunch supporter of BJP for the last 0.05 years expressed delight at the achievement claiming he knew his 24 facebook posts a day (one every hour) about BJP’s superiority and subtle mudslinging of AAP, would eventually amount to something meaningful.

His friend, Narendra Jha, conceded that the rigour of Varun’s arguments in his facebook posts and his nomenclature of AAP supporters as ‘AAPtards’ convinced him that BJP was the right party to vote for as there was indeed a Modi wave around the country and it would be cool to vote for BJP by riding the wave.

Narendra said that he would endeavour to propagate the thoroughness of logic in voting Modi to power to his fellow ‘AAPtards’ now.

The ‘AAPtard’ community though alleged that Narendra was tipped by some ‘Moditard’ about the coolness in sharing the same first name as the prospective Prime Minister.