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Man commits suicide after nobody liked his last three Facebook posts

25, Jun 2014 By Rakesh Jaiswal

In a shocking incident, an IT professional having 500+ friends on Facebook allegedly committed suicide leaving behind his ‘suicide post’ on his profile:

Dear All,

I can’t handle it anymore, it’s time for me to quit. In my last three original posts nobody liked or commented, was it that bad? I am a sober man who likes immediately my friends’ posts even if it’s some gospel quotes by Einstein or ‘Dainik Suvichar’; when my time came people could not reciprocate in the same manner!!! Earlier one or two posts of mine were ignored and I had accepted it with the pinch of salt but how can people ignore my three consecutive posts!!! ‘Kya itna bura hoon main Maa…’

In my last post I even used an appropriate picture as well with brand new smileys but after waiting for more than 24 hours I realized that this attempt is also going in vain and that’s it.

I take full responsibility for my decision and there is no pressure on me by anybody

Thanks for all the likes and comments which you have showered on my posts in the past and may you get all the ‘thumbs up’ in your virtual life.

Saanson pe avalambit kaaya,Jab chalte chalte choor huyi

Do sneh shabd mil gaye,mili,Nav sfoorti, thakawat door huyi

Path ke pahchaane chhoot gaye,Par saath saath chal rahi yaad

Jis jisse path par sneh mila,Us us raahi ko Dhanyawaad ||

Always yours, Harish ‘The Harry’

Here is the exclusive report by Khoji patrakar of Khulaasa News:

We tried to get some insights from his family and friends and his roommate Sid has revealed that:

“Harry was very anxious for the last three days he was refreshing the notification tab all night in the hope that somebody might like any moment as some of his friends are in US; at around 12 O’ clock he got one notification and was excited but it was a birthday reminder and just after that one of his friend sent him a Candy Crush Saga request and this time his anger rose to a new high due to these unwanted disguising notifications.  He chatted with many of his friends in the hope that someone will open his profile and might like and even he changed his Facebook page theme but nobody realized the worth of his posts. I knew him very well so, earlier I used to like it and re-post it but my new Smartphone’s nano sim was still inactive so I could not help him this time.

He used to smoke vigorously when any of his posts could not earn any likes but we all must accept the bitter truth of social media which he couldn’t handle. (cries !), I don’t know how it happened as these posts were posted on the week-end when most of the people are active “

One of his colleague confirmed that he had liked his second post but accidentally he had pressed the like button twice which he realized now and suggested that normally people resort to posting famous quotes or childhood pics but he was very stubborn and choosy in the category of his post which ultimately took the life of such a generous person who even used to like others’ “Going to loo” kind of posts. RIP Harry