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Man buys new smartphone after WhatsApp subscription ends, creates a political turmoil

28, Aug 2014 By krantikari_yeda

In a rather strange incident a well educated and intellectual man named Doot (Messenger) Kumar bought himself a new smartphone after the WhatsApp subscription in the older phone was expired. This has sent shockwaves across the WhatsApp user’s fraternity who were otherwise thinking of restoring back their phones to the factory settings and re-install WhatsApp in their mobile so that they can get the extension for one more year.

When Faking News contacted Doot to comment over the issue he responded,  “See I wanted to set the bar high for my fellow messengers so, instead of paying Rs. 50 to WhatsApp I decided to purchase new Smartphone itself. When Mark Zuckerberg can buy WhatsApp at $19 billion then why can’t I buy a Smartphone worth Rs. 19000 which comes pre-loaded with WhatsApp and now I feel no less than him.”

People using WhatsApp are in doldrums about this new trend and have started online petition named “Free WhatsApp for All” in to show their aggression towards Doot and Mark Zuckerberg as well. However this petition has taken a political turn when it said Narendra Modi should personally handover this to Mark and Obama during his US visit and make sure that he does what he says about “Acche Din aane wale hain”.

Paise Do!! Nahi Toh Naya Mobile Khareedo

BJP has accused Congress for starting this buying a new smartphone drama and AAP for starting the petition using anonymous names. When Faking News contacted Ravi Shankar Prasad he responded “Being the I.T minister I asked my people to look into the petition to get information about this WhatsApp issue and my sources have said that only 48 people have signed this petition which makes it clear about Congress’ and AAPs involvement, because the number of signatures match exactly with the number of MPs both the party have. I demand them to take back the petition or handover their resignations”.

Congress has come out with the sharp criticism saying, “we don’t use to show our opposition agitation, what if we don’t have opposition post in the parliament to raise our voice, we still have Newshour debate to get justice where even ruling party members are not allowed to raise their voice and yet conclusion for the problem is drawn,exhaled senior spokesperson Sanjay Jha while sending SMS to Rahul Gandhi to show his protest against WhatsApp messenger.

When Faking News contacted AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal he said “Arey yeh WhatsApp kya hota hai jee. Main toh Aam Aadmi hoon aur mere paas toh Nokia 1100 mobile hai, WhatsApp chhodiye mere mobile mein toh polyphonic ringtone bhi nahin hai jee, aur yeh online petition karna humara style nahin hai, humara kaam sirf dharna karna hai, nivedan karna nahi”.

In the meantime latest reports suggest that due to turmoil created by him, Doot Kumar has unsubscribed from WhatsApp and joined WeChat for rehab as their are Naye Purane Ajeeb Shajeeb none of his friends on WeChat.