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Man bashing Flipkart for Big Billion Sale found ordering stuff from it the next day

10, Oct 2014 By moga

Chennai. There was an environment of disdain in an IT firm based in Chennai on Wednesday. No, it was not due to rejection of bail plea of Jayalalitha but because Bhola Singh, a developer with the firm, was caught placing order for Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend from Flipkart.

It happens.

Incidentally, only a day before he had vowed never to buy from Flipkart as it had ‘broken his trust’. When his colleagues asked him the reason for his retraction, he cited his helplessness saying that his girlfriend’s birthday is due coming Friday & also he still has faith in Flipkart’s delivery system. But by the time he finished with his explanation, his colleagues were more puzzled guessing who might be Bhola’s girlfriend? After few curious and uncomfortable looks, he accepted rather painfully that they were r eally ‘just friends’.

But all his company mates weren’t so convinced. One of them showed this reporter Bhola’s tweets a day earlier which included: ‘Used to b a major fan of @flipkart bt now m NEVER coming bak. U LOST me #Flopkart’.

He further added, “And see this one: ‘If U don’t have GUTS to pull dis off, plz don’t make ur PR teams to shout from rooftops :/’ He talks of guts who himself didn’t have enough of it to ask his crush out for a movie and still calls her his ‘close friend’ huh.”

Another colleague of Bhola went on to claim that he always knew that Bhola would go back to Flipkart.  “Afterall who has so much self restrain to go somewhere else & pay Rs. 150 for a Chetan Bhagat novel? Atleast not Bhola. All he want is a cheap stuff. That money sucking bas&%#@. And let me tell you, he will go back there again!”

Meanwhile, Bhola was busy checking the websites for the cheapest pair of aviators for his girlfriend.