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Man arrested under 66A for posting a grammatically incorrect tweet

29, Nov 2012 By Sandeep Kadian

An Indian male in his late 20s, Sandeep Kadian was arrested from his house at 2 AM this morning after a complaint was filed against him under the section 66A of the Indian IT act. Apparently, Sandeep got his grammar horribly wrong in one of his tweets which has offended the feelings of a large number of people who have spent countless hours learning correct grammar.

The offending tweet from the gentleman read: “Did not liked Jab Tak Hai Jaan at all. Baddest movie of Shahrukh Khan”.

After one of his followers pointed it out to him that he needs to learn English, he went on to call that person a “Grammar Nazi”, which incensed his follower and the police report followed.

Sandeep is currently in police custody as bail has been denied due to the sensitive nature of the allegations.

Unlike previous arrests under the IT act, India’s netizens were very cautious about outraging over this arrest as not many were certain that they will get their grammar absolutely correct.

Leading expert on freedom of expression, Ms. Paparika Prose was more forthcoming. She said, “The lack of support for this guy is not surprising. Incorrect grammar is a serious crime and people know that. I don’t know why people who haven’t been to Oxford are even allowed to tweet in English.”

She went on to add, “Comparing anyone to the Nazis is a serious offence too; Grammar Nazi is not like Internet Hindu which can be freely used without offending anyone online. He deserves the 3 yrs punishment and maybe more. Have we abolished the death penalty yet?”

To clarify the government’s position on this arrest, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Kapil SIbal addressed a press conference where he said, “I will request the offended party to withdraw this FIR as I fully support the freedom of speech for everyone including the ones who aren’t proficient in English. However, this criticism of my favorite actor Shahrukh Khan’s film has deeply offended me and I will file another FIR against this man for posting offensive stuff on the internet.”

Meanwhile, the prices of “Learn grammar in 30 days” books have been increased by 66 % after the news of this arrest.

P.S. – This reporter has never been to Oxford, has never even seen Oxford (even on Google Earth) so please excuse him for all the grammatical mistakes in this report and avoid filing an FIR.