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Man arrested for sending Candy Crush invites to his colleagues using fake ID

31, Jul 2014 By karna4621

A software engineer Kanish  (32.5)  working with Confuscious, a software giant in Bangalore, was shocked when he found out a colleague at workplace was involved in  sending him Candy Crush invites on social networking site FB using fake account.

Cyber crime cell  booked this colleague  under charges of causing mental oppression, work life imbalance  after  a case was registered  against him by oppressed Kanish. One Smart phone and  personal laptop were recovered from the guilty.


According to sources, Kanish and his colleague, Batra (31.5) worked  with Confuscious  located near Bellandur. The building is 20 storeyed with  few  amenities like  gym, sports club, massage- parlour , scuba-dive, water  world and others. Kanish like many other employees used to get frustrated working on desk –job. His colleague Batra was also working on desk-job. Batra  had a smart phone of Samdung and a laptop of Ass-err. Batra stayed online on social networks, whole the time chatting , tweeting and gaming.

On Monday this week, Kanish was back from weekend trip to Nandi hills hence he felt enthusiastic and cheerful at his Desk. Batra spend his weekend  shopping with his FB girlfriend and flushed out  whole of his credit limit. Feeling  jealous about Kanish’s  solo life  and cool factor, Batra set on turning  him tech-obsessive through Whats-app, chat-on, and other online game challenges . Due to very few amenities at office, Kanish started playing  online games. One day, kanish after continuously  striken  loss in online gaming to Batra  both of them went out to have tea at popular chai batti near by office. While conversing with Batra, Kanish  suddenly samshed his mobile to the compound wall after  looking at a FB alert for candy crush invite.

After that  incident, Kanish tried  blocking the anonymous account (Fake ID) but  Candy Crush invites was a virus which  had already  creeped into his phone account. Day and night alerts made him wary of using FB again. Even after trying to block his own account in FB, he faced alerts from Twitter, Linkedin and Whats-app also. He asked for help from cyber crime police to track the Fake ID, and was shocked when he found out  it was Batra.

When police surrounded Batra for taking  him into custody, he was found creating more fake accounts on FB. Batra was just  few seconds away from sending a mass request to all the employees of office.

Surprisingly,  police is after Kanish for damaging ULTA-TECH cement compound wall as it was taken down by the  hit from Kanish’s mobile. It was hard smart phone from Mokia.

Batra and Kanish are booked for separate charges and both will be summoned  to court in the coming month.