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Man arrested for booking ticket on IRCTC website

10, Jul 2014 By rajeevr

New Delhi : In a very unusual turn of event, a man was arrested after successfully booking a ticket from IRCTC website.

“It almost went unnoticed,” said the chief railway booking officer Shyam Sunder in a hurriedly called press conference, “It was our weekly meeting with unscrupulous city railway booking agents to negotiate our new commission agreements and a workshop to devise innovative ways to charge more from customers, when a discrepancy was shown to us where a ticket was booked without the agents’ network. When it was found to be booked from IRCTC online, we alerted the officials and the man was arrested forthwith.”

Further inquiry revealed that it was an IT malfunction that allowed the online booking, as the IT engineer responsible to slow down the severs at that time was busy writing a blog about being duped on Facebook when he found out that his Latin girlfriend he was chatting for last 2 years was actually a man. No further details were provided and officials said his privacy to be respected.

“We have clear instructions to slowdown servers but given that IT engineer is going through mental trauma, no action expected against him,” clarified the official.

IRCTC Standard Status
IRCTC’s standard status.

Railway ministry has praised the alert officials and memo has been circulated to ensure such events don’t occur again. When asked why there was a website if booking not permitted , railway ministry sources told that people confused IRCTC with ticket booking when its main aim was to instill patience  in general public.

“IRCTC is meant to ensure we learn to live with virtues of patience,” clarified the sources, “When there is an endless wait while booking tickets on IRCTC and finally timeout occurs and people pull their hairs and then they go on with their lives, that’s the Indian way of learning to live within means and remain happy. One should try to book ticket but never expect to book it as Gita says one should just do the job and not expect rewards. It’s our endeavor to ensure we adhere to such learning at all time.”

There was a huge political uproar, opposition stalled the parliament and was only satisfied when railway minister clarified that IRCTC was meant to create more jobs in society and it was very successful so far in doing so.  He cited example that IRCTC had given business opportunity to many railway booking agents, where people frustrated with online booking failure thronged, these agents then in excellent coordination with railway officers generated funds by overcharging the customers and at the end everyone was happy. It was a win win for all and economics at its best, he said.

The arrested person was introduced by his nickname Nemo. Nemo is a resident of Dadar, Mumbai and is a veteran of  Mumbai local trains. He has won countless awards in railway acrobatics, including hanging in air while traveling in trains. He is also an expert in jumping on and off from moving train with absolute precision and widely regarded as the best in the business.

The unfortunate incident happened when he had to go to Kalyan from Dadar and when even after standing in queue for two days he still couldn’t reach ticket windows, he decided to book it online and found himself in this unfortunate mess .

Nemo has tendered his apology to railways and is likely to let go after a warning once he pays the due commission of the ticket to a booking agent.