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Maggi being illegally sold on internet, but on Deepweb

16, Jun 2015 By bengaliceo

After facing a ban from the Indian government, Indian’s favourite noodle, Maggi finally made its way to the Deepweb network. The FSSAI had called all the Maggi noodles back, but still, a lot of the noodles packets was found stashed in a remote village of West Bengal, from where the shop owners at Silk Road, marketplace of Deepweb, managed to get their hands on those precious packets. And they started selling those Maggi Packets at the rate of 0.01 BTC which is approximately 200 INR for a single packet of Maggi.

There are many, who had gained immense superpower by consuming the lead found in Maggi. But since the very special noodles was banned by the Indian government,  they are slowly losing their superpowers. Even when found alternatives like Yiippeee Noodles by ITC, Knorr, etc the quantity of lead found was not upto the mark. So, the Indians have finally turned to unfair means by using Silk Road to buy the lead embedded Maggi noodles.

Police had tried to seize the Maggi packets from dealers in remote places to sell it in black market, but the Deepweb shop owners were armed enough to send the police back to their respective police stations.

Some Ladies who had lost hope of being a chef, can now regain their hopes, by buying the Maggi again but at an inflated price. Many of the wholesale dealers had been kidnapped by web crawlers to find more locations where Maggi noodles are hidden and kept aside for later uses.

Faking News managed to find a dealer, Digvijay Singh who ran away from the clutches of web crawlers and Deepweb activists,said in a statement that the third world war is about to happen. If the Indian government does not approve Maggi, people will wage a war and overthrow the government as well. The resentment is strong among Indians, and the FSSAI office was attacked a few days ago.

Now, the situation which stands is, only the rich people can afford the lead embedded Maggi noodles and regain their superpower. But, what will happen to the common man? Will they suffer from lead deficiency? Will they lose their superpowers? Stay tuned to Faking News for more information.