Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Love still rules over universe

24, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Love still dominates in our minds. There used to be a time, an olden period when the magnificently mad lovers enthusiastically thought it fit to end their earthly existence in this heavenly field of the hearts. Subsequently, there came a period in the lives of the warm, hearty lovers who were temperamentally becoming blind in the mesh of the intense love. It was followed by the modern-day fast lovers turning out to quite outspoken in the matter of worldly love. They do not stagger for even a moment in expressing their feelings of love to the fair sex. This remarkable, outstanding trend is widely found at this time of the social media.

There is no hitch, no hindrance and no hurdle in falling in love. It goes on with the speed of the metro that’s why a poet has to utter: dost bola hamse wo bahut namkin hai, hamko teri wali pe yakin hai. Zahil ho kya bilkul brain nahi hai, wo premika hai meri koi metro train nahi…..Frankness in this sphere has led the established babas to resort to this exercise as we used to learn off and on. They were even caught red-handed sometimes but feel no repugnance in recourse to this dil da mamla. It appears that we are, of traditional society, going directly towards the open free society.

Although there was attempted to put a control on the lovebirds through the anti-Romeo squad, yet there remained little effect of this team. Most probably it seemed to have lost its purpose for it has been raised. Or, it got its name changed in another way. Whatever it is, the love feeling is not far away from our vibrating beating hearts. Love is the most sought-after theme for the Bollywood films. It is this very topic which remains lively forever. So love is in spite of everything ruling in the universe.