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Logic is like ride over hill & dale

12, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why are marriage rites different in every religion? This topic drew ample attention among the intellectuals present at the auditorium. They tried to put their respective views in this regard. When the religions are different, the social rituals also vary. Adherents follow even the formal procedure in accordance with the religious belief they used to acknowledge in their routine life.

When one person tried to discern the logic of only seven Phere in the Hindu marriage, he was informed of something differently. The probable bride and groom are taking a round of the burning fire seven times amid recital of the Vedic hymns. Without completion of these rounds, the marriage ceremony does not complete. This may be because of some mathematical equation inherent in it. There may be some other reasons too. Whatever may be the actuality, seven rounds in a circle remains a must for solemnization of the wedding.

The Pundits are said to be putting emphasis on completion of each perfect round at the angle of 360 degrees. This is the only number which remains undivided from the quotient 7 within the numerical coming from 1 to 10.  This reason holds some significance as it cannot be divided by the number ‘seven’ in any way. An Even number was not decided but odd number became the standard numeral.

Some might perceive of eight, nine or ten rounds for the traditional marriage rite. But it was never practised as such. Once the seven rounds were decided has been continuing up to the present computerised day. It gives the impression that the seven rounds for the bride and the groom would have been thought as promising. Otherwise, there could have been a different number. That’s why the logic after seven rounds goes undivided. This point brought several persons into the complicated state of unconsciousness.