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Local Class 11th girl still has no clue what the blue, white and red cover filter on her Facebook profile picture means

09, Jul 2016 By sidnaithani

Mumbai: In yet another case of amusing and impressionable trend-copying behaviour, a local Mumbai-based school girl has come out to admit she has no clue why she has the French national colours draped over her Facebook profile picture. Ms. Kritika Dhamne of Worli explained that that all her friends had embraced this new filter somewhere around the middle of November last year, and she was just following suit.

“OMG! How have I missed changing my profile pic!?”

‘‘No clue why they all had it, but I wasn’t going to miss out. They said something happened in France? Guess some people died or something, I might have to Google this now that you’re asking me’’, the ill-informed Kritika mumbled, whipping out her iPhone.

‘‘I was one of the few people to miss out on changing the filter when Mark Zuckerberg came over, I want to make sure I don’t miss out next time.’’ When asked about local occurrences like the Maharashtra drought or farmer suicides in the state, Kritika drew a blank. ‘’Please don’t ask me about idhar ke problems, no one really cares about that in my school. There was something in Orlando recently though right? Got to show my support for whatever happens out there, you know? Anyone have an idea what filter is needed for that- the LGBT filter is so in right now. Can’t stand out from the crowd, those people in Orlando need my support. Think something happened in Dallas too recently right? I’ll check it out’’ she carried on, before closing the door on our reports.