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List of 10 must do things in life released by Facebook

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi.  Facebook has been studying the personal updates of all its members from India and has released the following list of 10 must do Things in life –

Facebook logo.
Facebook logo.

1. Go on regular vacations (specially abroad) 2. Travel by air (as much as you can, and don’t you forget the airport check ins) 3. Get married (as soon as you can) 4. Buy a DSLR camera (life’s very memorable, its important to capture all the moments) 5. Do all the things everybody is doing (don’t want to feel left out, do you) 6. Show off everything worth showing off in life but don’t make it look like you’re showing off 7. Spread much needed positive thoughts, quotes and all of that (must include some by Rumi) 8. Love all your family members and friends and distant relatives and just everybody in the world (everybody loves everybody, you better do it too) 9. Stand up for the latest issues plaguing the world, and then forget about them with the rest of the people (its easy, a ‘like’ or ‘join an event’ will do it) 10. Keep increasing number of friends online and when it comes to meeting these people in real life, let us find no time (we are all so busy you see)