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Leading internet Search Company announces a new doodle Raagle

24, Mar 2015 By RT

Bangalore. Leading internet Search Company, known for their doodles, today has released a new doodle on their website. The new doodle is a play on their company’s name and the doodle says Raagle.

The company spokesperson exuding coolness said, “This is by far the most ambitious doodle by us. Also, the first time we are releasing a doodle which is not in our company’s name. Must agree that the doodle is inspired by a few cartoons in Indian magazines and newspapers; however the selection of ‘Raagle’ is unanimous since, for the past several days, our search engines were continuously hit searching for names sounding like Raagle.”

Rahul Gandhi searching for Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi searching for Rahul Gandhi

He went on saying, “The search is still on by over a billion hits daily and we decided to release a doodle to make this easy for the Raaglers. When we release a new doodle, we always wait for the user responses. A doodle of this magnitude, we predicted the responses are going to almost match the number of hits and we are right”

A political party in India tweeted, “A man is not measured by how the country works with him when he is around; truly measured by how it reacts when he is absent. By the billion hits, almost daily, the people of India are voicing out loud that he is being missed; their only hope for a leader who can take India into the next decade and beyond!” This sentiment was re-tweeted by every card holding member of the political party minus a few seniors who like him very much but do not like computers and anything to do with internet.

Another political party tweeted, “A billion people want to make sure that he cannot be found; that he is gone and a stay gone.” This sentiment was re-tweeted by half of the members of the political party and the remaining half actually wished for him to return, for whatsoever reason.

“A large number of general public, who is no smarter than the political party they vote for, tweet some pointless jokes about the entire situation, without really knowing that the collective action of Indian public in general is solely responsible for keeping wrong people at the right place; right people at the wrong place; wrong people at wrong place but seldom help keep right people at the right place”, stated another political party and re-tweeted by anyone who could get access to twitter.