Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Lady's glint lost in beggars' shadow

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Over and above the false piety which we generally show towards beggars are ample proofs of our double-standard mannerism. Some of us regularly point finger at them for their wanton habit of begging, that is looked down upon as a curse in our society. Such people always lay stress on their interest into the physical labour relatively. They also suggest them to better give up the obsessive attitude of being free-loader. Hugely unhappy with this tendency they by the same token thrust upon them for being humble enough to go after some striving objective in the life. But once an evil habit chains one up, there remains the little chance of escape.

Plunging into this evil practice of begging, one beggar received one-rupee coin from a well-to-do lady on a crowded spot. However, he was not pleased with this scanty amount. So, he asked the neo-rich woman, “Why were you showing unfairness with a poor soul like me? Surprised with this forceful question, the lady further asked, “What do you mean?” In reply to her quick query, the beggar responded in a little harsher style. He said, “You had just given one more beggar a currency note of rupees ten at the earlier crossing.”

Surprised to learn of this matter from the first beggar she asked, “How do you know it?” Her question was apt as she was not aware of this beggar’s information source. She began to think of this point. Her mind was in a stir of accepting the realistic accuracy. In the meantime, the beggar intervened and related everything to her in a stormy style. Showing the latest model of his smartphone that clumsily dressed beggar maintained the message of receiving ten rupees was shared on the popular Whatsapp just the beggar standing on that crossing.