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Lady stuck between hubby and a Jinn

14, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Exasperated with her daily domestic chores one well-read woman began to think of something which was reasonably new for her. She thought why do the males obtain the miraculous lamp? Women remain deprived of this magical unseen domestic device. They need it more than the males. But it is beyond the human imagination. Actually, human beings and supernatural jinn are separate souls and they definitely move on this vast living planet.

That woman was deeply engrossed in the thought of a jinn’s help was beseeching for the God’s blessing in a corner of her small flat. Soon she heard a divine voice informing of the solid natural law. It was like thus: A woman gets a jinn only once in her lifetime and you have searched out your jinn by entering into the marriage contract. Your Aadhaar card even states it very emphatically. She first thanked the heavenly voice for the legal jinn staying for the past several years. Still, she was confounded as she has never considered in that way.

But when she was guided by a celestial voice she realised her mistake. She was also acquainted with the practical fact of her mortal jinn moving into the vegetable market for necessary kitchen items. Not only had this but also directed to bring the tailored suits from the shop in the vicinity. Burdened with all these homely responsibilities he would surely not miss to pay the four months’ rent to the assertive and combative landlord usually found at his jewellery shop in the old market.

Meanwhile, in a bid to pick up a paper lying on the ground powerlessly she developed sprain on her thin back. The white paper was a detailed list of the things. Her sprain caused immense pain but the telepathy worked this time and soon she received a balm container. She concluded that this earthly jinn is more useful for her.