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"Jus lyk dat" cannot be an answer to "Why so serious?" kind of questions: Facebook intellectual

01, Nov 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: A social media intellectual was found analyzing the general replies from people on Facebook, and found one thing common across boundaries and cultures. People were replying “Jus lyk dat”, or “Just like that” for any questions having the pattern: “Why so …”, some examples being “Why so sad?”, “Why so serious?” etc.

Even in real life people such conversation is taking place!!
Even in real life people such conversation is taking place!!

Speaking to Faking News, the intellectual Vidvaan Kumar said, “I don’t understand the rationale behind asking questions like ‘Why so serious?’ or ‘Why so sad’? Can’t these people enjoy the expression rather than digging into the cause for the expression? As if they are going to solve the person’s problem and make him happy forever. Even if he becomes happy, the same category of people may ask, ‘Why so happy?’ We just never know.”

“The problem becomes more complicated when the other person answers with ‘Jus lyk dat’, most of the times in chat lingo. Especially, if they are teenagers or in early twenties. Their display names are even worse, like special characters have infected them.”

“However, the most important thing I’m concerned about is the logical reasoning behind their answer. How can something be just like that? Even if it so, can’t it be called ‘Reasons not available’ or can’t the person just say, ‘Sorry, I don’t remember’. Just ask the writer of such replies, it is pretty embarrasing to even write such replies. The emabarrasment is because they want to hide their true feelings, which they fear might make them worthless in their social circle.”

“The bottomline is everything is for the sake of likes and shares. How many times in the day do we review the like count?”, Vidvaan said as he ended his intellectual discourse.