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IT fresher suspended for reading TOI online newspaper in office

18, Jul 2013 By dhakkadchora

PUNE: In a bizarre incident that took place last week, a newly joined software engineer in Infosys, Hinjewadi city, has been suspended from the job after a senior caught him reading The Times of India online newspaper during office hours.

This is to clarify that this screenshot was taken from TOI website and not from any Porn site.

Online TOI is already blocked in most of the IT companies here in Pune under the porn category, and Infosys is the latest addition in that list. IT companies say that online TOI contains only adult content – pictures, articles and advertisements which are not suitable to be made public in an office environment.

The suspended employee identified as Rahul Pant is basically from Indore who came to Pune six months ago to start his IT career with Infosys. His friend and also his colleague Kapil told us “Rahul is a very decent boy and a dear friend. Both of us joined Infy together and have been on the bench since day one. So we have been sitting in the office library for 6 months now browsing internet and reading books. I did find him opening matrimonial websites a few times but never thought that he would open adult content websites such as the TOI in office. I am stunned.”

The senior employee who caught him red-handed had this to add “I have been on the bench for more than two years now. Also I have been recently promoted to Team Leader position of the bench project, so it becomes my duty to keep a check on all employees who are on bench. I caught Rahul opening the TOI website in our library, and on questioning he said he was reading news, which is totally absurd as everyone is well aware that there is no news on that website.”

Sources tell us that the case is currently under investigation in the HR department of Infosys, and the browsing history and temporary files of all the machines in library is under scrutiny- this could potentially lead to more such cases as well. Meanwhile Rahul has gone back to Indore and was not available for any comments.

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