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IRCTC website to offer online games for Tatkal Booking aspirants

23, Dec 2013 By vishalpuri

After the enormous number of complaints received by the IRCTC  Research Team about the mental trauma that the Tatkal booking aspirants have to face, it has been decided to implement a new pilot scheme under which online games would be offered free of cost.

On contacting Mr. Hitman from the research team at his email id – following response was received by our team.

Now a user will no longer get the feeling of being trolled.
Now a user will no longer get the feeling of being trolled.

Email Excerpt – ” Dear Aam Aadmi, we at IRCTC always work hard to offer u a seamless and integrated online experience of Ticket Booking. That’s why we started offering online air-tickets, clothes, shoes, electronics so that the users need not wait Only for the confirmed Tatkal Tickets as promoted by the media. However we at the Research Team are much disturbed by the recent report from the top hospitals which has categorized that around 80% of mental trauma patients treated by them have  a common IRCTC Syndrome in them .

Doctors have observed that this IRCTC Syndrome was found to be in extraordinarily high levels especially in a particular group of users. After performing Psycho-Analysis Tests on these users, doctors said that while initiating the booking for Tatkal tickets users are under a mental pressure which might be due to girlfriends, old parents etc. As the users login to their account after which the IRCTC website starts too show off its true colors by taking humongous time intervals to load different pages, the anxiousness of these users intensify. However on seeing the payment page many users get a jolly feeling, as if they had cleared the IIT-JEE exam. However the biggest jolt occurs when they observe an error page even though the money gets deducted from account, as if they had watched an Uday Chopra Film. This Mixture of anxiousness, delightness and outrage traumatize the users most.

That’s why we at IRCTC have decided to offer a new remedy- online games. Games such as Criminal Case would be offered to users which would start automatically on a new page as soon as the user finishes the tedious process after entering his payment details. Since the website takes ages after this process which is sufficient to finish multiple stages of the game , this offering would be a win-win situation for both users and IRCTC.”