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Inspired by demonetization, Facebook to set a limit of uploading 36 photos in a day

05, Dec 2016 By Ankur Kumar

With growing size of community over Facebook and owing to huge operating cost of infrastructure, Facebook’s CEO has decided to limit the number of uploaded photos in a day to 36 from an account.This has come when India is suffering from demonetization.

In a town-hall, CEO told that he is highly impressed by Indian’s Prime Minister’s demonetization scheme. And his new policy is inspired from same visionary Mr Narendra Modi. On a response to question from where he got this number 36, he said in past camera roll used to capture only 36 snaps in one go.

"Take photographs, but keep in mind the rule of 36 photos!"
“Take photographs, but keep in mind the rule of 36 photos!”

Luckily one Indian journalist was present in town-hall. He said in India season of marriage had started. Many couples who wee getting married and planning to go honeymoon would not welcome this new rule. Although, CEO was not prepared for this question yet he came up with brilliant idea. He said limit could be increased if they deleted some of old pictures. For example, if any one deleted 5 photos then he/she could upload maximum of 36+5 pictures in a day.

In another important announcement he said Facebook’s system would automatically delete photos on 31-Dec-2016 from their servers which got less than 10 likes. This wouldl be applicable for photos which were uploaded till 8-Nov-2016.

Seems this will effect DSLR, mobile phone industry. Selling of DSLR and mobile phones are likely to go down by 70% as most people buy DSLR and smartphones to click photos and upload to facebook. Most likely tourist industry will suffer too.

We got mixed response from Facebook users. When 90 percent of people still using 2g, they are highly happy with this decision stating their weak internet speed allows maximum of 10 pics in a day. But, its setback who has just bought Jio and new camera or smartphone.