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Inspired by Google and Facebook, IRCTC declares bounty rewards to improve Tatkal ticket booking service

03, Dec 2013 By chantubantu007

New Delhi:  Faiku Takmal, a  project manager in IRCTC development team suggested the idea of announcing bounty rewards to all those users if they propose any genuine tested solution to the performance problems of  Tatkal Sewa.

Hope the trolling ends

MD  of IRCTC, Mrs Shoma  was very delighted when she heard this idea and quickly forward the matter to railway ministry for approval of  higher bounty reward. Our sources also claimed that IRCTC  management have decided to give 40% hike and promotion to Mr Faiku if he succeeds in implementation.

“I inspired him, but I didn’t get anything” said Tejpal, one of Faiku’s team member revealed to the sources of Faking news that he discussed the news of  facebook announcing  the bounty reward to Indian student for finding the bugs. On the contrary, Mr Faiku (so called FEKU by team) suggested the idea of announcing reward to those who will give the technical solution of  IRCTC TATKAL SEWA performance problem.

“I caught Teju red handed when he was trying to update his facebook status during highly productive TATKAL Sewa hours as all IRCTC employee are not allowed to carry mobile phones on the floor during those production hours”, Faiku told faking news when asked about Tejpal’s claimed idea.

IRCTC’s devlopment team have tried ample of methods to fix the performance problems of TATKAL Sewa but so far they have not found a permanent solution. They were in talks with Tinfosys, major IT giant but due to the billing issues the deal was not closed.

For testing the initiative, IRCTC opened a portal for the users to share the problems or complaints on TATKAL Ticket booking sewa. Within One hour of opening, the portal got 1 billion hits from all over the country. The Portal was closed in just 3 hours as the database of IRCTC  was over loaded and crashed.

IRCTC management have declared that Tatkal sewa will improve in 3 months. Indian citizens are eagerly waiting for this solution and this time IRCTC have created the hype like Anna’s LokPal. The next 3 month will be most crucial for Indian railway.