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India's left Intellectuals, columnists hail 'Right to be forgotten'

03, Jun 2014 By counterview

An EU court ruling has taken a step towards giving people the “right to be forgotten”, forcing Google and other search engines to remove certain links from search results.

This has been widely hailed by Indian intellectuals and columnists as a godsend and they are already filing similar applications in Indian courts.

Those past links must be forgotten.

An eminent historian RomeChand Gaddha commented, “This ruling has come at an opportune time for us. As India has chosen to move right , we can also forget and move right alongside it.”

“Without the right to forget, cyber goons/internet Hindus trolls would have called us out, if we changed our tunes , but now without search results , they will be totally blindsided and we can change with the times. One can expect that these arm chair intellectual activists would be too lazy to do offline/ print media research of any kind.”

Another Congress party supporter left wing journalist Bekar Patel had this to say , “Once I made some remark supporting the right wing ,and the cyber goons replied with 50 instances of my articles where I had taken the opposite view.”

“They even called me names”, he said choking back tears. ” I will certainly be applying for a nixing of all the search results”. Asked whether it would not affect his life long work and resume, he said that the primary earning of an entrenched established journalist doesn’t really come from writing articles, but by being part of the establishment in power.  That’s where the information is and this is the information age where information is power.

Meanwhile the cyber goons are at a loss at this change of fortunes. The entrenched establishment always manages to stay one step ahead of us , they complained. Already underground groups are being formed to counter this . Creating parallel datastores and search engines are some of the ideas being brain stormed.