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Indian YouTuber CarryMinati makes YouTube change their policy

14, Aug 2016 By हराMeReporter

‘To kaise hai aaplog?’ Just a few days ago, a video popped on my newsfeed, it was from CarryMinati who’s one the fastest growing YouTuber in India right now for no really serious reasons- Roasting AIB and BB ki Vines, smashing Pardesi Girl and other so called ‘Reaction Video Makers’ and playing his favorite games with live commentary based upon other YouTuber videos. And that is one of the reasons why YouTUbe is changing its policy.

Well, coming to the video that popped on my newsfeed- it was horrible. CarryMinati was describing what had happened to his channel. His channel got three strikes. Strikes are nothing but sort of copyright violation objections that are made by YouTubers to protect their content and as Carry added a few small clips from videos produced by other channels, a few of them took it very seriously and without a second thought they decided to take action. On YouTube if any channel or video gets three strikes, their YouTube account is terminated within a week or so.

But, then suddenly a lot of people started supporting him and among them there were even Pardesi Girl, who shared the video on her official page and asked for help- We don’t see it everyday. Well, now everything is fine and except Baap of Backchod, which is one of the ultimate destinations for jobless engineering graduates like me and professional bakchodi lovers! Looks like they have some sort insecurity paranoia or doesn’t like a new YouTuber roasting them or reaching way higher than them in no time.

This incident triggered a lot of hatred, and many of his fans literally put shit on Baap of Bakchod’s channel and they have not calmed down yet. Almost ten thousand of his subscribers (from a total 90,618 as on 4PM, Pakistan’s Independence Day, 2016) filed a petition to YouTube to make changes to their policies. And just in time, we have an exclusive update from Google that they are working on it by developing a new algorithm which will automatically filter the shitty videos which led to the production of his videos by Carry Minati, but Carry has talked to us regarding this matter and said that he doesn’t support this as if it really happens he won’t be able to make contents like before, he also added that he doesn’t take Baap of Bakchod or Pardesi Girl or BB ki Vines so seriously, neither he hates them. So, looks like we will have to wait a bit more to see what actually happens. Hopefully his channel was restored and now, he’s about to reach 1 lac subscribers within a week or so, I guess! If you have’t check him out go to YouTUbe and just type ‘CarryMinati’. I’m taking a tea break, meanwhile will look for some more bakchodi video!