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Indian homemaker turned App Developer, an IIN Student, hits jackpot with HTrack App

11, May 2015 By Gopinath Prabhu

A homemaker turned app developer has hit the jackpot with her HTrack app with none other tech major Google has evinced interest in taking over the app. The financial nitty-gritties are being worked out in what is said to be a million dollar deal.

Htrack simply stands for Husband Track. Using the Google location services, the app details every activity of the husband, where he goes and sends back the the data to the wife’s phone.

So, this was the important meeting. I See! : Angry UK Housewife: App going global
“So, this was the important meeting. I See!” : Angry UK Housewife: App going global

The developer is certainly on cloud nine. While money is secondary, she said, when contacted by Faking News, the key is to teach wife cheaters a lesson. This woman, a homemaker since her marriage, has been an IIN student since last 3 years. “IIN imparted me the basic lessons of app developing. My niece an engineering student helped me too”, puts App developer.

It turns out that the app was first created after she smelled a rat about her husband’s affair with his colleague. “I was fed up with his coming home late every day. An anonymous call alerted me of the affair. Apparently, he dropped her home every single day and then would return home late. He wasn’t home even on Sundays.” HTrack tracked his movements for good 6 months before she caught him red handed at the other woman’s house. She has divorced her millionaire husband and lives with her 8 year old son.

Google’s location service is the key behind the app. The name HTrack was coined at the Ladies Club event she said. The app initially was tested on the phones of the husbands of her Ladies Club friends. Subsequently, her niece who is a college students spread it among her friends and have caught double timing boyfriends red handed. A tribute to Word of Mouth marketing power of Indian women, the app has been installed on at least a quarter millions phones without even being on the Play Store which has even bowled Google which see the app as a Worldwide hit.

So what’s Google’s interest in the App? Google believes such app should be on a global platform. Its Chief Technology Officer CTO said, “Relationships are like a flight path, any off tracks should invite red flags.” It plans to add many more versions like Student Tracker, Employee Tracker, Minister Tracker and many more. Ask about breach of privacy, Google says, that it follows all laws in all countries and there would be no breach of law.

Whatever, Htrack is a salute to Indian women and of course, IIN, India’s only anywhere, anytime University.

Gopinath Prabhu