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India hit by SELFIEXYOTA: Scientists and doctors stunned, cure is yet to be found

14, Sep 2016 By Pal

Pune. The world is much more near to apocalypse. As we progress towards more successful and developed nation we are more prone to world threats. While terrorism has always been a matter of concern. We had barely forgotten the pains and stains of ’08 attacks they again attacked us at Pathankot. Not only that we even faced Chennai mega floods and then floods at other parts of India. The list is not done yet, We believe in unity in diversity and then we fight over your ownership on a river.

A girl who recently got infected by Selfixoyota virus
A girl who recently got infected by Selfiexyota virus

While the smartphones came with a boom and made the concept of selfies again into limelight, a new virus has been found. In a recent survey conducted by Matured people of Social media. Scientists have named it selfixyota. Researchers have proved that it directly effects the brain and nervous system breakdown occurs causing the victim to click selfies without realising the importance or seriousness of the moment.

The virus is claimed to be originated from Sri Lanka. Some victims have been marked and cases of Selfiexyota have been reported in deep areas. As soon as authorities have got to know about the reported case they have started imposed new medical tests for immigrants from Sri Lanka.

Symptoms of the same are updating status of sense while “feeling sad”. Sometimes pout is made or depressed expressions are visible from the photo.

The important symptom is having a the picture with someone lying dead behind. The world is a better place but we want it to be best. But with these threats and potential “artificial” disasters one can surely say apocalypse is no more in bible. It is real and it will happen anytime soon. So please pray to god because 1 Like=1 Pray.