Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

How did husband fool wife plainly?

08, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The issueless couples were leisurely walking along the seashore. They were feeling quite better from the noisy atmosphere. It was the evening time and the gentle wind was blowing. What made them agreeable at such a serene site was its natural beauty. The sun was by and by setting behind the vastness of the sea water. The boatmen were returning to the shoreline. As the darkness was slowly increasing, the people were returning with fast steps.

Amidst this change on the beach, the couples also decided to go back. The wife with a serious mood asked her young husband a very customary question. It was as simple as anything can be in daily routine life.  She questioned: How long would you love me? The husband was not surprised at this ordinary query as if he thought the wives usually put this kind of emotional question in order to perceive their married men’s mind after the wedding life.

Returning to the answer of the query the quick-witted husband dropped a drop of his tears from the right eye into the loud sea water and said something very important. He told his wife so long as you did not bring back this drop of tear from the depth of the sea the love would continue. The wife was slightly stunned and satisfied too. She learnt of her husband’s deep love. But words of the husband surely caused the high tides rising into the sea.

The sea contained so much water into its depth yet it began to cry. It was in complete wonder as to how the husbands used to learn such dexterity in deluding their wives. The crux and peculiarity of the whole were this, that, in a sense, it can really be said that the description of the situation was expressed too optimistically.