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Hrithik Roshan wishes Happy New Year on Twitter, gets trolled again

24, May 2015 By porkistan

Ever since Hrithik Roshan, the actor Greek God who lives in Juhu tweeted about the multi-coloured dress and asking people a question which could save the human race from serious eye problem, tweeters trolled him for asking the humanitarian question very late.

To understand the situation clearly, Faking news sent its reporter Mr.  Porkistan to the rescue. Stuck in the traffic, while Mr. Porkistan reached his residence, Hrithik Roshan had twitted once again, this time wishing his fans, “Happy New Year”. This tweet somehow caused a war between SRK fans and KRK fans tweeting against each other.

When Mr. Porkistan was standing outside Hrithik’s residence, he met a die hard fan of the actor, who wanted to be named and get his photo published but we won’t.

He said that, “It is all because Hrithik was busy collecting funds to give alimony for his divorce. I remember him coming to my home to sell his kidney but as I had already ordered Dominos Pizzas we enjoyed the pizzas together and he also paid the bill. Such a honourable man.”

When Mr. Porkistan asked Hrithik Roshan about his late tweets and him getting trolled, Hrithik Roshan answered inviting more trolls from our side. He said, “I am very much inspired by the PR team of Rahul Gandhi. He came on twitter and that too along with his complete office. He is doing this for a makeover. I am still not considered as a top actor even after so many films and good looks. I have hired a PR agency from Jumritalaiya and they suggested me to become more social.”

When Mr. Porkistan replied to the Hrithik Roshan that to become a top actor you have to do ‘good’ films, Hrithik Roshan got angry and called him a Khan agent. He also called his sidekicks to kick Mr. Porkistan out of his residence.

There have been speculations that the actor has been using Internet Explorer. This has led to sudden upsurge and people have started breaking all contacts with him and unfollowing him. One activist from Mumbai went to the extent of filing an FIR against Hrithik Roshan. Mrs. Mozzrella MeganFox on condition of anonymity told us that, “Using Internet Explorer is a thing of past. When you know its bad why use it? Thus I have filed an FIR against the actor against the anti-black magic act in the Maharashtra state”

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan also took advantage of this opportunity. He called a Press conference and said, ” I feel very sad that people of my industry can be such violent. Violence is not always physical. Using Internet Explorer is violence to the brain, blah,blah,blah………..( Our reporter dosed off after listening to the violent speech of Aamir Khan)

On a different note KRK has started tweeting about Mangalyaan’s success to gain fame on twitter.