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Hacker unable to open IRCTC website leaves hacking

13, Aug 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. The self claimed most talented hacker unable to open Indian railway website after so many attempts leaves hacking.

The hacker who claims that he hacks more than thousand of websites unable to open an Indian railway website get so much hurt with this leave hacking. The news causes heavy outrage in hacker community, namely anonymous group. They demand the shutdown of such harmful website which can’t be hacked it hurt the sentiments of hackers.

The hacker told Faking News about the incident, “I don’t know how people open this website for taking reservation even I was unable to open the homepage of website after trying so many times. I salute the people for having such a great patience”.

“I was so hurt by Indian railway website i decided to leave hacking”, He further added.

When faking News contact the Indian railways head they told, “The Indian railway website is hacking proof and it’s the 8 wonder of the world”.