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Guy likes girls posts on Facebook hoping she'd get the point

29, Apr 2014 By Agnel

In news that has left Karan heartbroken – it is being said that his crush Radha (likes to party) did not realize that he had been liking all her posts on Facebook so that she would get the point. In separate interviews Karan admitted that he had set an alert for all of Radhas posts so that he would be among the first to like them and hence show his undying love for her. Radha on the other hand had no clue about it.

Facebook likes
Liking it immediately.

“I have been liking all her posts for the last 2 years – right from when we were in first sem – in fact I have also liked her posts and pictures from before we met. I hoped she will one day realize how much I liked her but I see she is now going out with someone else and I’m left devastated. I have wasted two years of my life and data plan just liking her pics – in fact there have been times – I have liked her pictures even before they have loaded onto my phone. I fought with my parents to get a faster internet connection so that once she would accept me into her life I could skype with her easily with no delay. I have been left with no purpose of life, my exams are nearing and I am not able to concentrate and I think I might fail this semester. How could she be so heartless and not even consider me – given I have liked all her posts, not just pictures. Why don’t girls get the point? ” said an emotional Kiran as he fought to hold his tears back.

When we spoke to Radha – here’s what she had to say on the dance floor “Kiran? Yes I’ve spoken to him a few times and sometimes say a hello to him if I see him. He’s in another section so we don’t interact much – but why do you ask me about him? Is everything okay with him?” To which our reporter had no answers, lest we look like fools.

An open message to all girls ” GET THE POINT” and guys “GET A LIFE“.