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Guy gets Nobel Prize after proving himself genius on Facebook

30, Nov 2013 By Jubanashwa Mishra

It’s time to celebrate for the Indian people, that Mr Harish Tiwari from Lucknow got Nobel Prize after proving himself genius on Facebook.  Once his dream came true, he revealed the secret to our faking news reporter about his success behind.

Driving people toward .
Driving people toward intellectuality .

Harish started his facebook intelligence career with sharing copied quotes from the legends without mentioning the original author. People baffled with his intelligence and started following him, and suddenly he became popular among the facebook community.  He added thousands of books list and movie list which he never even heard before and people got curious about how come someone can read so many books of different languages in short span of time.

His next attempt to copy the content from different writers and flaunt as his own. It ranges from different genre starting from science, philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. If any of his friends commented on his status, his next comment trying its best to justify that he is more genius than others. And most of the time he took helps from Google and Wikipedia for the same.

All the facebook people are curious how come his status and photos are always trending in facebook timeline. He personally thanks all those people who like his photos or like his status, so his each updates are always in trending over facebook timeline.

The Eureka moment comes when Nobel Prize selection committee too started following him, and overwhelmed with his intelligence. After a heavy discussion on the norms and protocols of Nobel Prize, They finally decided to honour him with special category of facebooking.

Renowned Economist and earlier Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen recommended Google & Wikipedia for BharatRatna, because of those products Harish could get through Nobel, the prestigious honour ever possible in life time.