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Guy arrested for forcibly taking pics with babies and puppies

19, Feb 2013 By kaba

In a not so shocking incident, a young man was arrested today for forcibly taking pics with puppies, kittens and kids.

In recent time there have many cases of this kind, wherein a guy has been found taking pics of random cute kids and puppies, kittens and other cute things. The young man is well known among the community as a well behaved individual. When asked for the reason for his weird behaviour the boy was upfront.

He said he had done all this to get a good display image for his Facebook profile. He said “nowadays U don’t get any likes or comment if ur pic doesn’t stand out. I don’t have a great body to show nor a sexy face, so the only option for me to be noticed by girls is to take pictures with puppies, kittens and babies. By doing this I get a lot of comments from girls like “soooo cuttteeee”, “awwwww”, and some more “awwwwws”….!!” Now a day there is so much of competition even on facebook that guys have to resort to such tactics.

He added, “Girls have it easy, they just put any kind of dumb pic and they get so many likes, mostly from desperate guys like me. And some guys post such dumbshit comments such as, “U look cute”, “u r such a kid” and then some random girl comments like “missing U baby, muaahhh”.” Its so not fair, all guys are vying for her attention and this silly idiot bandi comes and takes it all away. And in most of the cases this girls is the worst looking of the lot. I mean if the girl was hot or good looking, then our imagination also gets stretched.

After all only two types of PDA are nice, one of old couple and the other of two hot girls. But only flirting through comments is no way to play with our imagination. All ready the sex ratio is so screwed that talking to any girl feels like a swamvar…!! Any chat with a girl feels like a roadies audition, or trying to go through India Got Talent without any talent. We guys have it so tough and then there are some girls who will flirt with you but will keep their display pic hidden and we keep on chatting in the hopes that she would be a beautiful girl, Katrina Kaif type but they are worse than Rakhi Sawant…!!

“Screw this Mark Zuckenberg….!!!!” He shouted before the police took him… His last status update was checked in at local polic thana…!! So far the guy has managed 4 likes and one comment from a girl saying “wow… Lucky U..!!”