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Government to mandate linking Aadhar Card with social network profile

11, Jul 2017 By CB

Government of India has decided to mandate linking of Aadhar card with profile on social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sources tell your newspaper that decision was after people started to upload pictures of bills post GST roll out.

Sources have told your paper that, this move is another step in fight against black money. Our source told us, “The Government is very serious about black money problem. Post GST roll out we started seeing people uploading their receipts on social media sites. By linking Aadhar card to social network profile, Income tax department would verify your tax details against the receipt uploaded. This would provide yet another tool to fight black money. An ordinance in this regard is being drafted and formal bill would be introduced in this regard in winter session of parliament.”

Part of Digital India?
Part of Digital India?

We contacted different social media sites, they’ve declined to comment on the record. However off the record, these companies have stated they’re ready to implement such directive. The UAIDI already has already published API for bio-metric verification. This API is already used by different telecom companies for E-KYC verification. We would also enable support for this after formal notification by the Government.

On political front, BJP spokesman have welcomed the move highlighting their commitment to fight black money. Congress on other hand said, Government needs to issue more clarity on these move as there needs to be formal discussions and demanded an all party meeting before ordinance. West Bengal CM has criticized this move. In a series of tweets she has claimed subset of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants don’t have Aadhar card and this move would hurt them.

We also contacted privacy advocates who are against Aadhar. They’re saying this is another move by Government to invade our privacy. They are opposed to this move as there is already a petition pending before Apex Court about Aadhar. They’re objecting to blatant privacy violations. Supporter of this move of linking Aadhar are laughing at suggestion of privacy violation as details shared on social media are already in public domain.