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Goverment to Tax Facebook Likes

01, Mar 2013 By bhaskarm09

New Delhi. In line with the policy to tax super rich in India, the government has decided to tax Facebook likes. Tax will be deducted for likes Received or Likes done by a person. The following rule will be followed:

Slab 1: less than 20 likes in a year – NO Tax Slab 2: less than 100 likes in a year – 10% tax. Slab 3: likes between 100-500 in a year 20% tax Slab 4: 500+ likes in a year 30% tax

Finance minister said those who can afford more than 100 likes should be taxed.

There has been mixed and confused reactions to this announcement. People like Ravi who joined Facebook in year 2010 and has total of only 50 likes in all these years welcomed the decision.

He is confident that he will never pay the FB tax ever. ” Tax Nahi Doonga Kabhi” he says with victory sign. But FB expert Sushant a recent MBA grad points out that ” saala tax ‘like’ karne per bhi hai“. He is disappointed and wants government to roll back the clause for tax on liking a post.

But a very strong opposition came from women groups. According to a survery an Indian women usually exceeds 200 likes on any pic or post. TMC leader Mamta Banerjee is going to lead the protest. “I will protest, I will Hit the Finance Minister!” she exclaimed.

Meanwhile there has been a frenzy on the internet;  Girls are removing their pics and Guys are Unliking all the previous likes to evade taxes. When asked about this frenzy, FM replied, “Taxes are retrospective and people cannot just evade it.”