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Google’s services goes down, internet companies receive 1 billion complaints

19, May 2014 By Feku Ram

Yesterday was a tragic day in the history of internet as Google’s severs went down and due to this reason internet service providers received 1 Billion complaints of internet fault.

We exclusively talked to Jay Zee, a very high internet user, “I pay an obscene amount for high quality internet services and yesterday when I opened my browser to search for the current DATE, it showed the message that page cannot be displayed and then I went on to search the location of the bathroom on Google maps and yet again the same message. And then I came to realize that it is the internet which is not working.” And then I filled a complaint with the company.

This type of response was seen from almost everyone as they were not able to use any of the Google services for 5 min yesterday evening.

This incident left the internet service provider company’s customer care confused as they received complaints all over the world about the internet failure but the internet was working correctly.

Gujju, a call center technician for an internet service provider told us that they received many complaints but they could not resolve because the internet was working fine. He said that he tried his best to tell the callers that the Google is not working and their internet is ok and they can use other search engine like Bing and Yahoo but most callers were not familiar with even the name. He clearly remembers some callers asking “What is the difference between internet and Google, Both are the same if Google is not working internet is not working.”

Meanwhile CEO of Bing Search said that it is a very good news for us as we saw a 50000% increase in the searches in just 5 min.

Some also alleged that the horrible incident was in-fact orchestrated by Bing to increase the no of searches by taking down Google and telling the consumers through call center technician that there are other search engines also.

Police has filled an FIR in the case and the investigation is currently in progress and our deep undercover agents in Police Force said that some policemen tried to search for the criminals on Google Search but failed for the moment.