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God punished boy after anti-god post on Facebook

02, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Indore. After unsatisfactory performance in ongoing examination, a tensed engineering student, Ankit Khare, who accused god in his Facebook post, reportedly got harsh punishment from god, the almighty.

New way to interact with god

“Once again god showed me his cruelty, Once again tough question paper. Once again you betrayed my mother who observes fast today,” posted Ankit on Facebook after examination, in evening.

As soon as, god who is everywhere, read this post decided to take revenge from frustrated boy. Although it is not clear that how god punished angry boy but according to our godly internal sources, there was sudden increase in downloading speed due which Ankit Khare could not study whole night and felt dizzy during entire day. At that time Ankit could not understand that it is conspiracy by god to keep him away from books so that he could not prepare for next paper.

But later he realized that god punished him for his irrelevant and inappropriate criticism, he accepted his mistake but he also added that, “But tell me, to whom I can criticize on facebook, if I would criticize anyone, it is possible that I would get arrested under section 66A or some people may vandalize my college bus. I thought god doesn’t know about section 66A and I can criticize him.”

“But god gave me very less punishment compare to the humans do. I don’t want to imagine situation in which I would spend night in jail for a fb post while people who fuel communal riots roaming freely. I am thankful to god for his kindness,” Ankit expressed his gratitude towards to god and criticized humans to impress god.

After the acceptance of mistake and apology, God decided to bless him and deletes Facebook account of Ankit Khare so that he can study without any distraction.