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Girls' talks are never like summer wind

02, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Girls are always ready to talk because they are gifted with this quality. Their continuous indulgence in chatting on the social sites is proof of it. One girl asked her classmate in a very emotive manner of her liability. Nothing more than preparing for next year’s Board examinations. Then why do you not come on site? She cleared she used to talk to her every free time. Never ending conversations are every girl’s habit. Even then they are not satisfied and show fondness in extensive conversations. This is their natural inclination to relieve their emotional outbursts. Their talk somehow empties negativity from their mind. Every girl gauges this delicate conception in her own girlish way. Girls’ over-indulgence in talkativeness is never taken upon as the dire quality. Their continuous conversations are considered as the peculiar mannerism. If bashfulness is added with their natural personality, the habit of incessant loquaciousness is also considered a right trait of their distinctiveness.

Girls cannot resist themselves from the conversation if they have free time. Even in the case of no particular matter to talk they find out any topic for the talks. Thereafter they begin to enlarge the discussion like the rubber band. Sometimes the philosophers try to perceive the source of their odd ideas. They have one more oddity which is their talking style in the lower tone. It is only they who understand the spoken words in a hushed way. Most surprisingly, when they do not have another friend in front, they remain busy in sending a text message saying of the hiccups disturbing them. Such an emotional message forces them to converse on chosen topic. They think they are at least doing a good cause thus.

What is more surprising is that their conversations do not stop even in the classrooms. The minute they find the subject teacher’s distraction, their impromptu talks take place spontaneously. Before the dutiful teacher could understand what was going on behind her, the girls wisely change their respective postures on the chairs as if nothing has happened in between the time the teacher engaged herself in writing some important textual points on the large-sized blackboard. Sometimes, these girls are seen acting like the politicians who show the same tendency during the boring discussions in the Parliament.

The craze for conversation remains very much unavoidable. If they learn of their elders’ indictments for such bad habit they better select a safer spot for rolling over the conversation. The biggest hurdle comes in their way when the charging point of the electronic gadget shows low battery otherwise they are ready to reply to each message. Meanwhile, a few teenagers accepted that they preferred to talk on the balcony while others feel better in the room’s corner. A young girl said: “I like better at the space in the balcony. As the outside noise intermingles with whatever chitchat we do, none understands what we are talking about.” Whereas another refined fashionable teenager pointed out: “I always requested my friends to start a conversation in open and this sincerity is achievable only on the airy balcony.” Still another stout talkative school girl stated: “Whenever I received a message, the well-ventilated balcony remains a better space.” Jokingly a lanky elongated nosed girl maintained: “My mother always ask to stay in the room. Therefore I miss the charm of conversation at the open balcony. “When the friend enquired of her whereabouts she promptly made her known that she was on her balcony waiting for the bell.” Their conversation indicated that they were least interested in neglecting their lengthy conversations.