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Girl with no Facebook account found, whole nation taken aback

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Madurai. A 23 year old girl Lakshmi on her very first day with ByeBye Consultancy Services(BCS) was found guilty for not having Facebook. This incident took place while they were celebrating the birthday of her new team mate.

Facebook like
“This is must nowadays,” says an expert.

While the girl was asked to upload photos which she took on FB, to everyone’s surprise she replied that she didn’t have an account, the most shocking or horrifying words anyone could have ever heard in their lives so far.

Soon the news spread like wildfire to whole nation and everyone was taken aback. While debates were held across different entertainment channels like Aaj Tak, News 9, Times Now, ABP News and Headlines Today(there’s still ambiguity as our reporter was not sure if they’re news channels), protests were held across the nation to condemn such acts.

Faking News tried to contact another 24 year girl (whose name is kept secret) from the same company whose reaction was “This is insane, shame that she doesn’t have an account in FB. I don’t think she is a human being.”

That girl almost has 875 photos in FB while 638 of them were selfies and 429 of those were taken in bathrooms of Mc Donald’s.

Faking News tried to contact Lakshmi’s parents to get their reaction on this horrifying incident, but as they were unavailable, her grand father was ready to comment. He was very depressed saying, “I’ve asked her many times to be socially active. I seriously don’t know how she can’t maintain an account in FB despite staying in a family like ours where me and her daadi, who are almost 70 still have FB. To the surprise of our reporter her grandfather was the owner of the page in FB like “Ye Jawani hai deewani”,”Sunny Leone ki Suvidha” and “Mallika Sharawat ki shararat” these pages were having more than 10k likes each.

When contacted, Lakshmi’s friends Pavani she said, “yaar she is the only girl to call me on my birthday. See who does that on a birthday, thats very uncool of her. Even my daadi and naani who stay in village post on my wall. How can she do that to me. She has always been like that.”

While few girls from different parts of the country are reported to be utterly disappointed and have decided to go on a hunger strike to take strict action against such anti-social elements. A protester was furiously talking to faking news, “We girls have wide ranges of options from posting pics of our new shoes to those of our dog’s poop and when men are stupid enough to like every post of us, being a girl why can’t that Lakshmi create drama by having FB and behave normally like other girls. Such antisocial elements must be banned from the society”.”

Even Rahul Gandhi was very upset and called this act “NONSENSE”. According to our closest sources, he said something like “how can A GIRL doesn’t have FB. When Manmohan Singh ji can have an account on FB and Twitter (what he meant was a person who hardly speaks), why can’t a girl?”

Narendra Modi, who too was furious and said if he’d become the PM he would take action against anti social elements declare this girl as alien.