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Girl reads a book without posting a picture of it, leads to account deactivation

31, May 2016 By bumbegum

New Delhi: In a bizarre event, a teenage girl’s accounts were deactivated after she read a book without uploading pictures and review of it. Neha, 17 year old girl residing in east Delhi, read a book her friends suggested without posting pictures of it, which led to her account deactivation.

Neha complained after she was unable to login into her accounts on both Instagram and Facebook. After writing an email to the technical teams of both the social networking sites, she got a reply from them as follows, “Hello Neha, we apologize for the inconvenience caused but due to inactivity on your accounts your accounts were deleted. You can resume them after 24 hours. We hope to see regular activities on your account to avoid such confusion.”

Reading without posting – Dangerous habit.
Reading without posting – Dangerous habit.

Neha’s friends have come forward to show how appalled and shocked they all are. They can not just accept the fact that their friend forgot to post about such an important event of her life on both Facebook and Instagram. Her classmate Shreya, who had suggested her to read Half girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat, said “More than being shocked, I’m sad. I asked her to give this beautiful novel a read. I was continuously checking my feeds and notification for a picture where she would give me the credits for introducing her to the world of reading. And that’s what she did!? I just unfriended her from Facebook and have stopped following her on Instagram. Stupid thankless people I tell you!”

After lots of effort we reached Neha for her comments. She said, “People won’t believe me, but I was just about to post a picture. My parents took away my phone and internet connection leaving me stranded on an isolated island. How could have I accessed my accounts then? It’s easy to blame but nobody wants to step in my shoes and understand my situation. My friends have unfriended me and are saying mean things about me on my back. Over that I had to live for 24 hours without my accounts. How worse can things get?” Neha concluded her talk teary eyed.

In the age where every action is shared on Facebook and twitter, this little blunder landed a teenage girl in a mess and lots of trouble. We advise our readers to take care of such minute but important rules of social networking.