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Girl marries again after previous marriage fails to get enough likes on Facebook

24, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

Delhi. A 24-year-old girl stunned her family and friends today by marrying again to a new guy less than a week after her first marriage. She took this drastic step after the number of likes and congratulatory wall posts she got for her first marriage turned out to be way below her expectation mark.

“This is not done. Out of 580 friends that I have on facebook only 430 liked or congratulated me. Guys who religiously liked all my pics including the ones where I clicked my poop, were just nowhere to be seen. Even strangers who regularly liked my public posts in the hope of me accepting their friendship requests gave it a miss. This despite me uploading close to 3000 pics of every possible ceremony right from Munh Dikhai, Sagaai, Shaadi etc., till the doorstep of bedroom where Suhaag Raat was to be held. In fact, I used to get poked by at least 25 male friends on daily basis. That number also came down to 5.  I started feeling suicidal after I didn’t get a single friend request from a stranger for 2 days after marriage,” said the girl whose name has been kept secret though she was open to revealing her identity if it that helps her getting more likes.

Wedding Card
Even her wedding card had a Facebook like button

She is sad that even her efforts at self promotion of her marriage by daily posting status like ‘2 days to go’, ‘1 day to go for the D-Day’ also didn’t help. In fact, the girl was so excited that she updated her status as “married” even before the Varmala ceremony had happened.

Her enthusiasm can be gauged from the fact that she was accosted twice by the Pandit to concentrate on the pheras instead on checking the “likes” her status is getting on her mobile.

“Gone are the days when your status was measured by the brand of clothes you wear or the car your boyfriend drives. Now it’s all about number of ‘likes’ your posts receive on Facebook. Competition is so intense that people constantly change their jobs or go on foreign trips just so that they can post pics and status of the same on Facebook. And I will do anything to remain ahead in this cat race,” added the girl.

The girl, who people have now started calling Britney Spears of India, even dumped her first husband with whom she was in a committed relation of 5 years (before marriage) as she thinks that he is bringing her bad luck as far as her Facebook life is concerned.

“After observing my profile for 5 days after marriage, I decided enough is enough and finally decided to call off our marriage and said yes to the first proposal I got after that on FB,” says the girl reflecting on what made her take such a step.

When asked how lucky her new husband has proved to be so far, she was quick to add, “So far so good. Frankly it all happened so fast that I dont even remember what’s his name or how he looks like.”

When the news reached his first husband he was too shocked to react and said, “WTF! I have just returned after spending whole lot of money to give party to all my forever bhooke friends and even to those whose only comments in the past have been ‘Party kab de raha hai be?’ And then I log in to my account and see notification of her getting married to a complete stranger. Is this a joke?”

Meanwhile the girl is determined and wont hesitate to post even her honeymoon pics if the number of ‘likes’ are not enough this time.