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A girl goes into depression after getting less likes on her profile picture

27, Jul 2017 By Bhavesh Shrivastav
She took selfie in famous selfie queen- Dhinchak Pooja's style
She took selfie in famous selfie queen- Dhinchak Pooja’s style

Ritika Manchanda, a South Delhi girl went into depression after she uploaded a profile picture on Facebook but could not get enough likes on it. Talking to Faking News she said, ”I am very upset, I refreshed my Facebook page more than 5000 times but in vain. You know, clicking a good profile picture is almost like creating a startup, you have to plan and work very hard for making a successful startup. Same goes with profile pictures, you have to be creative and imaginative for having a good profile picture. You have to be very calculative about the resources and not to mention about the energy that goes behind holding those pouts and selfie smile.”

As the culture of selfies is penetrating our society, getting good number of likes on profile pictures has become like getting good marks in Board Exams. And just like board exams there is a tremendous pressure on people to have a good profile picture.

Recently we have seen a phenomenon called Dhinchak Pooja, who revolutionized entire selfie culture by making “Selfie Maine Le Liya” video song and getting more than 20 million views on it. Talking about Dhinchak Pooja, Ritika Said, “She is an idol for our generation, I listen to her song 100 times a day and hope to have selfie with her in this life.”

Concerned about Ritika’s depression her parents said, “We never thought that likes on a profile picture could do this to our girl. She is so disturbed that she has not done any pout practice from last week. We have asked our entire family and society to make a Facebook profile and like her profile pictures.”

Depression is a severe concern for our country and we are seeing different forms of depression these days. We should just pray that thing like selfies and profile  picture and loss and failure don’t cause depression in this world.