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Girl dumps boyfriend for breach of WhatsApp Relationship Level Agreement

30, Jul 2014 By Swan

In what seems to be the cons of excessive use of technology, a girl has dumped her boyfriend of 1 week for his inability to reply to her 3 Golden words- ‘I Love You’ on Whatsapp.

According to sources, the recently split couple met on facebook about two weeks ago. The girl, Shruthi, came across her now ex-boyfriend Hitesh’s profile when she was going thorugh random profiles as she had no real friend in her current list of 10,000 friends.

Shruthi had confessed to one of her friend Amieey the reason she got into relationship with Hitesh was that his eyes were so innocent that it reminded of her pet dog named ‘Kunni’. After they got into relationship, she even use to call him Kunni, however Hitesh was unable to wag his tail as Kunni did which upset Shruthi to an extent.

It is interesting to know that however the couple had been in relationship for about 1 week, they shared their WhatsApp number only 2 days before the breakup.

“This was the time when the real trouble started,” said Hitesh,” Shruthi disliked that I had unhygeinic habits like hiding my Whatsapp status, not changing my status as

frequently as the moods of girls, showing full face in my display pic and not uploading my selfie’s taken from imaginary angles. She disciplined me for which I recieved a reward in the form of promise that I will be getting a kiss from her through Whatsapp emoticons if I follow Whatsapp hygiene,” he added.

The relationship reached an all time low when the couple were planning to take their relation a level above by moving to ‘Hike’- the only Indian messenger app, however this patriotism failed to keep them together. On the day of breakup, as narrated by Hitesh, he had just reached his office when he found out that Myntra and Flipkart were moved to banned sites list, unwillingly he had to work. While he was lost in the cells of Excel, he failed to notice a message sent by Shruthi which read, “LU Kunni”.

As per the Whatsapp Relationship Level Agreeement, Hitesh defaulted on his term of replying with “LU2 Sweetu” within a minute. He defaulted on yet another term, as his reply came a minute after his ‘last seen today at’ timing which prompted Shruthi to break their relationship as per agreement. Would have they taken their relation to Hike, Twitter and Viber theirs would have been a love story which would have stayed on till the times Mother gave birth to Robots, but for a silly ‘I Love you’.