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Girl depressed after her childhood photo does't get enough "Cute Comments"

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi – Children’s day was celebrated with zeal and excitement all over Facebook and Twitter India. All thanks to the chain messages on Whats App and Facebook that gave many retards people a brilliant idea of putting their a childhood photo of theirs as the DP.

Riya almost took the dire step , ending her life ..... On Facebook. Deactivating her account.
Riya almost took the dire step , ending her life ….. On Facebook. Deactivating her account.

The day didn’t pan out pretty well for Riya , a 20 year old college student. “My previous profile picture had over 200 likes and 250+ comments. This DP failed to gather even fifty likes and had only few comments,” exclaimed Riya. “That other ugly bitch was getting compliments all day long , what is wrong with my photo? See not even a single Cute comment .” Riya further explained her troubles.

Dr. Patra her family doctor explained her state ,”Riya is a sensitive girl, she is deeply hurt by this and this would not improve till they (Youth) decides the same kind of celebration of No Bra Day and she gets a super duper feedback on her DP.”

Experts are saying that there maybe two prime reasons for this , Social Media Pundit (Facebookia) talked with Faking News, “See the prime reason could be the lack of sexual appeal to the picture.  Guys these days intend to look for a bit more exposure in girl’s photo and other reason could be the Sachin’s 200th test. All the guys must be busy appreciating Sachin’s last innings and could have forgotten masaka lagana for a day.”

Similar incidents are reported from other parts too. In Banglore a girl smashed her phone after no one talked about her Whats App and Blackberry profile picture and in Mumbai a Girl deactivated her Twitter account follwing no mention after changing her DP to the child her.