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Girl breaks up with boyfriend over Candy Crush Saga

16, Sep 2013 By amitmore85

Pune. A girl broke up with her boyfriend recently as he did not help her reach next level of Candy Crush Saga (CCS). The girl was out of ‘life’ for quite some time. The workaholic boy did not get time to attend to the girl’s demands. “I remember when he had proposed me I had asked him what he can do for me. He had said ‘Mai tumhare liye apni jaan bhi de sakta hu.’ I felt betrayed when he didn’t send me ‘life’ when I needed the most on a very crucial level,” the girl told this correspondent.

The game that became the bone of contention between the couple.

The boy working for an MNC mentioned that he slogs day and night to achieve milestones and did not get time to log in to his Facebook account. Girl however claimed that playing CCS has boosted her performance as it helps her become innovative and stimulates the secretion of creative juices since one has to make different patterns in CCS. Making your own pattern is of utmost importance in today’s world where state’s pattern is going to be extrapolated to the nation.

When asked what her future plan is to come out of the breakup, the girl said she is going to open CCS Training Institute and devote her life to spread awareness about the social game. She feels that this game is the last hope to bring the world closer and make people give their lives for each other’s progress. She is also planning to launch CCS Helpline to help the CCDs (Candy Crushers in Distress). The helpline is reportedly going to be inaugurated by some Rahul Baba. She said CCS represents youth and Rahul Baba is synonymous to youth.

Meanwhile the boy has taken sabbatical leave and started playing CCS to regain his lost love.