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Furious at 'Didi' jokes on Twitter, girls decide to support AAP

26, Mar 2014 By vellaatlarge

After becoming the laughing stock due to popular “Didi” jokes on social media, which recently hit the micro blogging site few days back, some furious girls on Twitter decided to support Aam Aadmi Party to look intelligent.

Twitter – a strange place to be.

We interviewed a very popular group of girls from Twitter to find out the whole story.

A very angry girl named “Neha” said,”Look, Twitter is not the same as it used to be. Earlier the guys on Twitter used to be fools and all we had to do was to upload a hot DP or a cleavage DP to get many followers. I used to have more than 2500 followers and I did not even tweet sensible things. All I had to do chit chat with my Girl friends and whenever any guy mentioned me I just used to reply with “Awwww”. That was sufficient and I was very popular with guys. But since these Didi Jokes started coming guys became aware of our chit chats and they started looking sense in my tweets. Guys on my TL started making fun of me by retweeting these jokes. You know I lost more than 20 followers in last 2 months. Now we can not take it for long as it is hampering our popularity, so we have decided to support AAP on Twitter.”

When asked why the decision is taken to support AAP Neha replied,”AAP is the party where you don’t need any intelligence to look intelligent. All you have to do is say ‘Sab Chor hain‘ and ‘Hamari koi Aukat nahi hai’.”

Another girl named “Neha” (Why every second girl on Twitter is Neha) said,”These Didi jokes have ruined my TL. Every guy on my TL is ROFLing on these Didi jokes. No one is even paying attention to my hot DP. I just got 50 mentions on my new DP. I was so heart broken, you know. Then one of my bestie told me about supporting AAP. I thought what the hell, lets try this one too. So I uploaded my DP with AAP cap and immediately I got more than 70 followers. This actually worked for me. I called all the guys ‘Ambani agents’ who retweeted Didi jokes on my TL and whole supporters of AAP trolled them so hard that they had to delete their accounts. I feel so empowered now. Arvind Kejriwal is God.”

Another middle aged girl (actually woman but she dared me to call her so) who claimed to be a female right activist, told us,”These Didi jokes are anti feminist. I have come to know from our resources that a guy with a dog’s DP has started this trend and many innocent guys are getting misled by this chap. I urge all my sisters to block this guy on Twitter and I have approached a  founding leader of AAP in regard of this matter. He said although he is a very ‘chota aadmi’ and he has no ‘aukaat’ yet he has no doubt that this is clearly a Modi plan to demoralize the intelligent AAP vote bank in India and there is no development in Gujarat.  He is in full agreement with me that this is gender discrimination on the social media and he has assured me that a dharna will be planned very soon against guys who are making such personal attacks on the innocent girls. Another Ex Minister of AAP who is a known supporter of women rights ensured me that there will be midnight raids on people accounts tweeting these Didi jokes.”