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Frustrated social media addict posts on Google Plus

19, Feb 2014 By kida

pic missing: social media addict
social media addict

Delhi: In a desperate attempt to stay connected with the real digital world, 25-year-old Amit Shukla posted an image on Google Plus, a social media site used exclusively (and forcibly) by Google employees.

The rare event happened at 3 am this morning when Amit was still tossing in his bed, fighting against sleep, trying to create some activity in his social media accounts. Amit, who is not a Google employee, admitted that he made the post in frustration. Needless to say the post didn’t get any response.

Amit, like a lot of youngsters today, is a social media addict who feels the need to ‘stay in touch’ all the time. He wears a voice activated GoPro camera with Wi-Fi connection on his head all day long to make taking and sharing pictures easy.

“It is like I am writing my auto-biography,” explained Amit. Every electronic device that Amit owns is a smart device; the device updates his FB page every time he uses them.

“Even my potty is smart. It pushes updates to my FB wall when I start and finish.” Amit is also very diligent about responding to the posts of his friends on all the social media sites. “I make sure to ‘like’ every post that appears on my FB wall, frequently commenting Lol, haha, or epic. This is very important as people will like your posts only if you like theirs. Sometimes, I trade ‘likes’ with my friends.”

To keep up the increasing social media traffic he has learned to use the phones and tablets with both his hands, which, according to him, makes him 200% efficient.

But even addicts like Amit don’t use Google Plus, also called Google Ghost Town. It took a lot of frustration to force Amit to go Google Plus. “I knew I am addicted. But posting on Google Plus made me realize the severity of addiction,” confessed Amit.

He described the series of events that led to this frustration. “I checked my Facebook account at 2 a.m., there was no notification apart from one lame post about Kejriwal resignation. There was no activity on twitter either. I checked all other accounts – LinkedIn, Myspace, Orkut – none had any updates. I repeated this cycle 10 times and still no activity. Even the Brazilian girls on Orkut were not replying to my messages. Finally I got frustrated and decided to do something new.”

Posting on Google Plus was not easy even for a pro like Amit. Amit recalled his annoyance, “First I encountered the circles, which made my head spin in circles. A few seconds on homepage reminded me of the scene from Sholay where Imaam Sa’ab says ‘Itna sannata kyon hai bhai!’ Then I saw the hangout button. But I was scared to click that button as I thought it was an invitation to people to come to my place to hangout”.

Amit somehow managed to upload a cute pic of his sleeping dog, but all his effort was useless because he doesn’t have any friend in Google. “There was no response to the post even after 12 hours. I looked for Facebook share button to share the pic on Facebook instead, but couldn’t find it. I am never going back to that site.” Amit hoped that Google will hire him because of this post.

Meanwhile, CID team reached Amit’s home to investigate how he had reached such extreme level of addiction, but they had a shaky start. Daya broke Amit’s laptop to pieces when ACP Pradyuman ordered him to ‘break into’ the laptop. “Daya! Tor do laptop ka pass…” by the time ACP completed his sentence Daya was already in action.

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