Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Fresh education nears realism

14, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Nowadays education is centred around the web world as everything is available in this format. That’s why a definition of the modern type of education is also changing from the traditional system. If it is said that the present-day education is more near to the practical life. The basics are not finding enough importance in such scheme of things.

When there is a talk of changing the Indo-Muslim history the plain education is being defined more straightforwardly. The students are not failing to grasp the difficult points. When a teacher in a very terse way made the students know of the description of inexcusable crime they realised the essence of the assertion. Explaining his viewpoint, the devoted teacher said: Whenever you relished a few grapes for feeling its sour taste prior to purchase it was reckoned as an unforgivable crime.

Further, endless endeavour to drink the last drop of the cold drink on verge of finish directly through the straw comes into the category of the mirage.The demand for differently flavoured Gol Gappa is what can be called impatience. While swallowing Kulfi the other hand rests on managing the melted portion is described as avarice, greed or materialism. Despite the completion of the beauty sleep, one lies on the bed for extra hours is termed as indolence or idleness.

With the increasing value of the fast life, there is stress on a fast conversation with strong direct meanings. We indulge in arguments without any purpose. We see no hesitation in proving the wrong point if it can be corrected by only some kind of unreasonable yowl. This is what we are coming across in everyday debates on the television. It seems everything is politically correct in such a way. As long as we look politically for harmony we remain despondent. The second we twirl inward we come upon peaceful co-existence.