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FOSLA demands Facebook to add more relationship and tagging options

08, Oct 2014 By visshu


New Delhi, 08 october, 2014. FOSLA, Frustrated One Sided Lover Association held its annual meeting in its head office. members from all over the India took part in this meeting and shared their concerns. the main concern raised by General secretary Pareshaan Kumaar. According to him whenever a friend changes his relationship status to- ‘in relationship with-‘, people go crazy and shower likes and comments and things don’t stop here only, these committed friends tag their bf/gfs in their pics make FOSLA members even more depress.

Moreover they have to like these pics as well. He told that’s because of these attempts by committed people, FOSLA members are getting depressed these days. Giving example of an incident, he said one of his friends uploaded some pics of cakes and shakes and tagged his gf as ‘with-Kareena Misra’ in those pics. As a result of that tagging, pics got over 100 likes and some ‘awwww’ and made of each other comments also.

Pareshaan Kumar asked the gathering- are those committed people only have heart and we are heartless and feelingless.We also miss our OSL- One sided Love and we also want to tag them. After saying all these he became sentimental and started crying then board members came up and decided that they will write facebook on behalf of their association to add some tagging options in pics like- without, -missing etc. He also suggested that in relationships options, it should provide one more option like – ‘in one sided relationship with- ‘.

Asking them about how hopeful they are about fulfillment of their demands, Pareshaan Kumaar said, “almost 30% of Indian facebook users belong to FOSLA and because of this large number facebook will have to listen our demands.”