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Facebooking will be a lucrative side business for all Indian users soon: Mark Zuckerberg

19, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

Menlo Park, CA, USA: Mark Zuckerberg has announced a scheme especially for Indians.  “Every time you will press ‘like’ on Facebook, we will pay you five rupees and every time you wish someone happy birthday or anniversary, the giveaway shall be seven rupees. This and many more for you Indiaaaaa,” he exclaimed from Facebook (FB) headquarters here today.

Mark Zuckerberg
“You guys are awesome”

During his trip to India he had observed that Indians love side income more than their  main earnings.

“Market valuation of FB has more than doubled since its IPO two years back to about 1,14,00,00,00,00,000 rupees thanks mainly to Indian users who have large number of kins, cousins, their spouses, off -springs, friends, juniors, seniors, acquaintances and associates,” Bonnie Scot, VP Business Development commented on the development, “It’s payback time on the part of FB.”

Meanwhile, Ankur Bhargava reacted from Bangalore, “Facebook’s is a unique self propelling business model where the raw material suppliers and its users are the same set of people who collectively devote their time and energy working on an activity whereby, without any tangible end product, valuation of a third party, that is, Facebook, goes up!”. Ankur got 10/10 in all case studies during his MBA.

“It makes sense for a business to share its revenue with its workers who put in hard slog 24×7 without bothering for working hours or asking for overtime,” concluded Ankur.

“FB itself reminds users about birthdays and anniversaries and then the moment you post a message, FB’s own valuation goes up,” P S Subramanium, an IT engineer put the same contention as Ankur’s but more simply.

Meanwhile,  Ram Gopal Aggarwal, who is always very busy with his joint family commitments being its head,  commented from Bareilly, “I request Shri Zuckerberg ji to please make the whole process seamlessly mechanical. FB should make a wish on my behalf to all my contacts on their D day, also put a like on all posts on my wall and then make an automatic pay-out into my bank account, under a direct cash transfer scheme, using my Aadhar card number and finally send a notification on FB about the monetary credit.”

Fully automated process without manual intervention. Hing lage na fitkari aur rang bhi avega chokha,” he added gleefully. Aggarwal ji has 272 family members on FB.

Experts believe that with this development FB’s valuation will touch 2,80,00,00,00,00,000 rupees by next year as more and more Indians will post billions of likes and messages on Facebook  to augment their ‘side income’ under this ‘scheme’.

Win- win situation for all parties – what an idea sir ji.